Whitelines Pads UK from Delta Pi

Welcome to the UK’s Dedicated Website for Whitelines Pads


Welcome to what we believe to be the only dedicated website to selling Whitelines Pads in the UK!

Delta Pi have been selling these amazing pads online and in our shop for a while and are working closely with Whitelines in Sweden to establish the brand within the UK.

These amazing Swedish Notebooks have changed the way boring stationery pads work by adding traditional paper and making it modern and innovative. Unlike most pads, the white lines are…well….white! but on a darker background which is actually Grey. This is because when anyone writes in a dark ink,  it is actually contradictory to write on dark lines. With Whitelines Pads, you can see your writing much clearer.

So where does the innovation and technology come in? Once you have written on your pad, you then scan the paper using the App and amazingly the dark background will vanish leaving your writing on a white background!  You can then tick a box on the page and email or even load to  Evernote or Dropbox! 

So at Delta Pi, we have sold thousands of these products to our happy customers and wanted to expand the opportunity to more users in the UK.  Simply check out our products below to see how it all works.