Whitelines Pads UK from Delta Pi


Whitelines is about improving your process. Your thoughts, your creativity and your contribution to what ever makes your world and the world as whole a little better place then it was perhaps just 5 minutes ago. Whitelines facilitates creativity through an enhanced experience with paper and an easy connection to digital iteration.

The history behind Whitelines

Whitelines was founded in the Swedish winter of 2006 by three young entrepreneurs who felt that the dark lines in the notebooks they were using for sketching, interfered with their creativity.

They realized that the dark line problem could be impacting on other people’s creativity as well and so the idea of replacing dark lines with white lines was born.

After working through the long winter a new generation of notebooks emerged with white lines on slightly tinted paper. The subtleness of the white lines facilitates the reading and writing experience without being distracting providing an innovative solution to the problem. Sounds simple? It is! And it works really well.

The next clever solution was born in the summer of 2011. Olof, the innovator behind the white lines, became frustrated with the inability to instantly scan and upload his notepad contents, to the digital world. As the digital world became more profound in all parts of everyday life having your notepad sketches, words and ideas easily accessible and easy to share became a Whitelines’ challenge.

So, Whitelines App was created to enable smartphone users to connect their Whitelines analog notebook into a digital format so it can easily be shared and iterated by others. Whitelines mission of opening up for creativity both in the physical and the digital world was achieved and admired by many more satisfied users.


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