Whitelines Pads UK from Delta Pi

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The Whitelines App is a happy combo of physical and digital notes. You could call it a clever scanner-app that in combination with Whitelines Paper makes it super easy to capture, save and share your notes.

Start the app and let it see the full Whitelines page. The app will automatically detect the page, scan it, correct tilt and enhance the image by removing the background noise to provide you with colorful and sharp notes. By ticking the “quick boxes” on the Whitelines page you can quick share your notes and ideas with friends via e-mail, Dropbox and Evernote. You can also share to Facebook and Twitter or just save to your camera roll.

Whitelines App is the analog way to be connected!

Explanation of Android app permissions:
• Camera and flashlight – for scanning Whitelines Link® paper.
• Storage – for saving scanned notes.
• Location – for tagging a scanned note with location information.
• Internet connection – for supporting sharing options to services such as Dropbox and Evernote.

Be aware that the app is not optimized for tablets and requires a back facing high resolution camera with auto focus to function properly.

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